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July promotion, get 20% discount and free shipping! Discount code: okeli20

About us

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Our Story
Okeli began in 2000. Since then, the company has evolved into a global multi-channel wholesaler of modern home lighting products. By 2009, Okeli expanded its horizons, introducing the Okeli Lights Online Store—an entryway to a new era of modern indoor lighting solutions. Nevertheless, the company remains focused on its meticulously planned high-style products and unique lighting design series, many of which are crafted by the company's own skilled artisans.


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Thoughtful Curation
Through carefully curating our selected lighting and home decor products, we aim to inspire customers to discover and express their unique styles while minimizing the time needed for guesswork and finding the perfect pieces. We offer various styles so that every customer can find something suitable—Okeli Store features a thoughtfully curated modern home series, including a range of both fashionable and practical indoor lighting options. Whether you are decorating a cozy living room, an exquisite dining area, or a serene bedroom, our series caters to diverse tastes.
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Our Workshop
We don't just sell lighting—we also design and manufacture our products! Did you know many of Okeli Lights' products are made in our factory? Our in-house artisans design and craft pendants, outdoor lights, lampshades, and more.

Our modern home series seeks to be a recognized and essential resource for architects, designers, and home enthusiasts looking to replicate or reference modern aesthetics. Each lighting fixture is made from high-quality materials, meticulously crafted by our team.

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Providing excellent customer service is paramount to us. Our professional customer service team not only addresses order-related queries but also offers styling or technical assistance, ensuring you find products that align with trends and your budget.

Our motto is to provide customers with the highest quality products and the most considerate service. We hope our products bring more happiness to your life and home. Your and your family's happiness is our pursuit.

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Years of Growth
Our team has experienced rapid growth over the past 20 years. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies, we have been acknowledged as one of the best trendsetting online stores.

Behind the scenes, we have expanded warehouse space and optimized conveyor systems to support our growing business, better serving customers, and ensuring "in-stock" products are shipped in the shortest time possible.


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