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What are the energy-saving tips for lighting - okeli lights

What are the energy-saving tips for lighting

A luminaire is a device that generates, controls and distributes light.
Strictly speaking, it is a complete lighting unit consisting of: one or several bulbs; optical components designed to distribute the light; electrical components (lamp base, ballast) that hold the bulb and provide electrical connections equipment, etc.); mechanical parts for support and installation.
Due to the privacy of residential lighting, various artistic designs can be carried out for residential lighting fixtures according to individual needs, but the design must meet safety standards and meet visual functions. Therefore, when choosing residential lighting fixtures, the entire interior design must be considered. The style and aesthetic point of view of the occupants.
The popular style and the taste of the occupants are constantly changing with the development of time and culture. When people buy lamps and lanterns, the first thing they need to consider is the price. Comparing two similar lamps, the functions may be similar, but the prices are quite different. Lamps The price is mainly determined by the following 3 aspects: material cost, quality and design style.
Usually, each type of lamp has different price products to choose from. When we buy, we should pay attention to whether the material is durable.
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