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How to Revitalize Your Home by Refreshing Light Fixtures - okeli lights

How to Revitalize Your Home by Refreshing Light Fixtures

Home Transformations

Revamping your living spaces doesn't necessitate a complete overhaul. Transforming your light fixtures stands out as a straightforward method to elevate your personal space, enhance functionality, and augment your home's overall aesthetic appeal.

Refreshing your lighting scheme can wield a substantial influence on your home's interior design without inflicting a significant dent in your finances, unlike a full-scale home renovation. Explore various ways to rejuvenate your home's lighting for inspiration!


Illumination Upgrades

Explore diverse avenues, from adopting energy-efficient LED lighting and selecting contemporary lighting designs and fixtures to incorporating additional outdoor lighting components. The possibilities for updating the lighting both inside and outside your home are vast. Not only will your spaces boast enhanced aesthetics, but you'll also enjoy energy savings by transitioning to LED.

Opt for a more contemporary ambiance, maintain a simple and streamlined look, or embrace a bohemian style with your lighting fixtures—tailored to your personal taste. Choose from an extensive array of LED edge-lit downlights, dimmable LEDs, vintage-style LED filament bulbs, and other LED lighting solutions for your revamped lighting design.


Refreshing Light Installations

Before replacing any bulbs with LED alternatives, evaluate whether your existing fixtures warrant retention or if a fixture update would better complement the look and function of your space. Lighting fixtures, often neglected during home design or redesign, may require retrofitting and pose additional challenges.


Retrofitting with Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, also referred to as canister lights, can lights, or downlights, offers exceptional versatility for virtually any room or area in a home. Popular for lighting updates due to their sleek appearance and strategic lighting placement capabilities, recessed lighting not only enhances aesthetics but also provides evenly dispersed lighting for general, accent, and task lighting purposes. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, rooms with low ceilings, and more. Discover more about our Ultra-thin LED Downlights for your home.


Pendant Refinement

Independent pendant lights, apart from being hung on a track, serve as an excellent choice for a lighting overhaul or refresh, thanks to their versatility and aesthetic appeal. For existing pendant lighting fixtures, consider swapping the pendant shade with a more stylish option for a fresh look. Choose from glass, metal, crystal, paper, and other materials in various shapes, including teardrop, globe, drum, and more, to align with your space's design. When adding new lighting or replacing a single overhead light, opt for an odd number of pendant lights to craft an attention-grabbing lighting layout.


Chandelier Enhancement

Chandelier lighting is another favored choice for home updates and remodels. While commonly associated with large crystal-draped fixtures in formal dining rooms, chandelier lighting offers diverse types and applications. From entryways to living rooms, chandeliers provide a captivating focal point that instantly elevates your home's style. Whether aiming for a modern Scandinavian look or intricate appeal, various chandelier fixtures are at your disposal.


Areas in Need of Lighting Refinement

While the primary focus of home remodels often centers on visible areas like living rooms and kitchens, it's crucial not to overlook other spaces. Upgrading to LED and replacing fixtures in the bathroom, bedroom, entryway, outdoors, and more can profoundly impact your home's design, instantly providing a refreshed look and accentuating architectural features both inside and outside. Identify the areas in your home that could benefit from a lighting refresh, and revel in the enjoyable process of selecting your preferred fixtures and LED bulbs!

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