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How to choose indoor and outdoor decorative lighting fixtures - okeli lights

How to choose indoor and outdoor decorative lighting fixtures

Indoor lighting fixtures are no longer just for lighting, they are also very good decorations, and in order to ensure the harmony of the overall style of the interior, fixtures cannot be chosen arbitrarily, and even some higher-priced decorations need to be selected. Class lamps can meet our needs. The selection of lighting fixtures in different occasions also needs to have certain differences, and cannot be exactly the same.
It is best to use indoor lighting fixtures that do not affect light transmission and have a certain artistic quality. It is recommended not to use crystal chandeliers. Although the decoration is good, crystal decoration will affect the transmission of light, which may lead to indoor lighting. The light is very dim, which will affect our eyesight, so there must be some high-brightness lighting.
If you want to use lights in public places, you need to choose according to the brightness. Shopping malls can use some larger decorative lights in the lobby, but also use lattice lights with better illumination at intervals, which can look more tidy, and can effectively ensure the brightness of indoor lighting, allowing consumers to have one is better.
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